Thursday, March 28, 2013

Starting swimming season early

Still stuck on square b/w photos...this Ilford app just does it for me. But colors are popping everywhere.
Crocuses under the apple tree are a color that might phone camera can't compute and survived a night ir two of frost. Birds are singing. Squirrels are running from branch to branch. Lazlo follows them quite closely under the hazelnut tree but his technique never improves. The pear tree and lilacs are budding.
It's almost camping weather. We're counting the days/weeks until Keith's temp job comes to an end.  What better time of year to be "unemployed" than spring? 3-day weekends will seem like a vacation after working full-time. We talk about what we're working toward and how to get are part of that plan but we have flexibility for seasonal work for Keith. Which is great because there are a lot if tiny house projects to tackle.
The river is dropping a little and only one in the family is brave enough to swim so far this year. Head under and everything. Swimming season started early. Also rolling in dead steelhead season...dogs are disgusting creatures! Febreeze is fighting the smell in my car. On warmer days it loses. Gag!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Almost spring

The sun has reached the point in the sky where the crystals hanging outside the bathroom window catch it. It's been dark for a few months; now my disco is back.

Saturday, March 9, 2013