Saturday, January 30, 2010


(aka photo-heavy General Update)

First, an attempt at an interview with Lazlo where he repeatedly threatens to walk out and I have to remind him to stay seated...

We went to the mouth of Clear Creek near the Kooskia Fish Hatchery sometime back (who knows what day) to see the eagles fishing. We weren't stealthy at all and scared them off before we could get too close. See him sitting in the branches on the right? Squint.

enjoying the sunshine

Thursday was Keith's birthday and we had to go to Orofino to get his cake (chocolate cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting - was delish), so we did "the responsible thing" (according to Keith) and took the recycling as well.

And we saw some people fishing on the river on the way home.

Yesterday (or some day) we were driving through Kooskia and I had to circle back to get a shot of this VW Bug with "Kooskia or Bust" drawn in the dust on the passenger side window.

Just a random one of Mia playing tug-of-war with me with her Christmas present from Amanda and K2 - firehose recycled as a dog toy. Genius! Our dogs are tough on toys and these are standing up quite well so far. Our dogs should be dog toy testers the way they tear things up. "Pit bull approved" seems like it would back up claims of durability.

The other night we decided for our sanity we need to plan a lengthy trip away by ourselves (sans dogs even). Like a month. Picking the slowest time of the year at both the restaurant and the newspaper (late fall/early winter) means we need to pick a warm climate. Mexico is the logical choice since a) we've already been there and know the tiniest bit of Spanish b) it's warm and c) it's cheap.

Probably fly in somewhere and use their bus system to get down the east coast and around the Yucatan Peninsula. I'd really love to be at Chichen Itza for the equinox (as was our plan for our first trip, the one we threw out the window almost immediately once we realized how much driving was involved), but I have a project at the newspaper that is on deadline then.

Still, one month off is quite a bite and we have a lot to prepare: whittling down the bare essentials that we can comfortably carry in our packs, saving money, compiling info, figuring out who's doing what at the restaurant while we're gone. That might be hardest selling point...

Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok, here's Lazlo's sad story as of late:

lazlo's hiney

Our pit bull, a most loveable and affectionate and goofy pit bull, was jumped yesterday by two neighbor dogs and ended up with some pretty nasty wounds on his hindquarters. He's feeling pretty poorly, physically and mentally. Their hound took a couple of bites out of his rump. So I'm taking him to the vet this morning to see if he needs stitches or whatnot. His ego is a little bruised, too, so I'm getting something from a friend for that.

Update: The vet said no stitches, they have to heal by themselves. He shaved around the bites so a hair won't get in there and cause infection (it looks worse now!), sent some antibiotics home with us and said he can have aspirin, too. Lazlo was a good dog at the vet, of course. The vet said, "They (pit bulls) make such good patients because their pain tolerance is so high."

Lazlo says, "WTF happened?!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

take a penny, leave a penny makes another appearance

Mom and I decorating the dining room for the holidays.

SP through holiday decorations

prime rib and fries

our best cook, Diana

Got 2 more rolls from the Minolta developed...two rolls of b/w, one from a wedding in Sept., one mostly with restaurant pics. Pretty happy with how they turned out, putting the Diana Mini away for a while. I think it's best suited for occasional use. I want the control I get from the Minolta most of the time. But the Diana is so small it's easy to carry.

So we're trying to make Thursdays Keith's day off. Weaning the restaurant off of him. This morning we had to drive to Harpster to pick up sausages. We go through about 40# a month right now.

The river is thawing with all the rain and warmer temps. It feels like spring, not mid-January. If the ice breaks (it's looking like it will at Button Beach, just upriver from the restaurant) we might get really busy with fishermen.

There's supposed to be a bunch of eagles congregating on some salmon a few miles upriver. I want to try to get up there sometime tomorrow to check it out.

Pepsi finally came through with a sign! It's even more official now.

The path to the tiny house gets trickier with all this crappy weather. Mud moat. I'm going to go out there now and try to clean. Try to get motivated to clean...

Friday, January 8, 2010


Moved the cash register for better flow. And to make it different. The little tree on the crate on the left is from the original owners (Dale & Jilinda) wishing us luck.

Check out this great find @ Loving Hands (local thrift store), among the other things we found---a big chalkboard for $1.50! A DOLLAR FITTY.

My dreams of a restaurant special board in chalk are coming true. Kind of. I abandoned my initial plan to make a chalk sunset, realizing my own (and the chalk's) limitations, and settled on a pseudofence. I'm being totally overprotective of it and I will growl if someone tries to write something on it. Teeth bared.

First two rolls from my Diana Mini are developed. Realized a major error in the operation---turning the advance knob too far for half frames. Ah got it now!

bumper sticker on a friend's camper

old brekkie joint in Missoula

cabin de Blankenship for one night @ Christmas

we were alone in the hot springs...

going down Lolo Pass (winding road)

The rest (of the ones I liked) are posted here.
Review of our cabin on Yelp.

Still working on getting Keith out of here (the restaurant) more and hopefully we'll start working on the tiny house bit by bit. It's about all we can do at this point to stay on top of laundry and firewood chopping.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's official

We have a sign for the building!

We won't talk about PEPSI's extremely lame excuses for not getting out sign-on-a-post changed. Keith talked to Coke, thinking that would light a fire under PEPSI, but it looks like we're at their mercy and it will be 2-3 weeks before the old Jilinda's sign on the pole comes down. Rats!

But the menu is out (oh, by the way, here's the link to the restaurant's site that I made by myself in my big girl panties) and the new name is on the building. Our decorating budget was swallowed by payroll and other imminent bills, so we're working on changing the decor in small steps.

We have some horse tack to hang up, the "x" brand will go somewhere, my grandma is making curtains for us, I need to order some enlargements of the ranch pics so we have something to put on the walls. I was at a point where I was really frustrated at our inability to make all of the drastic changes I envisioned. But, you know what, mental health is a prized possession and I'm not about to give mine up to a restaurant.

Oh yeah, and happy new year.