Friday, January 8, 2010


Moved the cash register for better flow. And to make it different. The little tree on the crate on the left is from the original owners (Dale & Jilinda) wishing us luck.

Check out this great find @ Loving Hands (local thrift store), among the other things we found---a big chalkboard for $1.50! A DOLLAR FITTY.

My dreams of a restaurant special board in chalk are coming true. Kind of. I abandoned my initial plan to make a chalk sunset, realizing my own (and the chalk's) limitations, and settled on a pseudofence. I'm being totally overprotective of it and I will growl if someone tries to write something on it. Teeth bared.

First two rolls from my Diana Mini are developed. Realized a major error in the operation---turning the advance knob too far for half frames. Ah got it now!

bumper sticker on a friend's camper

old brekkie joint in Missoula

cabin de Blankenship for one night @ Christmas

we were alone in the hot springs...

going down Lolo Pass (winding road)

The rest (of the ones I liked) are posted here.
Review of our cabin on Yelp.

Still working on getting Keith out of here (the restaurant) more and hopefully we'll start working on the tiny house bit by bit. It's about all we can do at this point to stay on top of laundry and firewood chopping.


Patia said...

The restaurant is looking good. I like that Welcome sign and the window. The chalkboard menu is nice, too. Thought of you when I was at Break yesterday. They have nice ones.

Thanks for the Yelp review, too.

Melissa M. said...

The register makes way more sense there!
Love the chalkboard...$1.50??? Now I am thinking that I NEED one for my kids.
Have a great day!