Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok, here's Lazlo's sad story as of late:

lazlo's hiney

Our pit bull, a most loveable and affectionate and goofy pit bull, was jumped yesterday by two neighbor dogs and ended up with some pretty nasty wounds on his hindquarters. He's feeling pretty poorly, physically and mentally. Their hound took a couple of bites out of his rump. So I'm taking him to the vet this morning to see if he needs stitches or whatnot. His ego is a little bruised, too, so I'm getting something from a friend for that.

Update: The vet said no stitches, they have to heal by themselves. He shaved around the bites so a hair won't get in there and cause infection (it looks worse now!), sent some antibiotics home with us and said he can have aspirin, too. Lazlo was a good dog at the vet, of course. The vet said, "They (pit bulls) make such good patients because their pain tolerance is so high."

Lazlo says, "WTF happened?!"


Chris said...

Get well soon, Lazlo!

Earlier this fall I had a big Great Dane looking dog run right out in front of me; it was on Brooks, coming from Hellgate High School, and with all the cars parked along the side of the street I literally did not see him. He bolted out from between cars into the street and I hit him. He jumped up and ran off limping horribly. We tried to find him but couldn't; last I heard he was picked up by animal control and taken to the emergency vet. I hadn't heard from the owners or anything, and I'd feared he had died.

Today I saw him out being walked. It was such a friggin' relief.

stephen said...

Poor Guy!! OUCH! I hope the neighbors are paying the vet bill.

stacey said...

Poor Lazlo!

kntgrl said...

I hope Lazlo is doing better today.
That web site is awesome.
I might get something for Yoshi and something for this high strung barking Shepherd around the corner who is always anxious.
Maybe it will help.
smooches to handsome Lazlo! xo