Saturday, January 30, 2010


(aka photo-heavy General Update)

First, an attempt at an interview with Lazlo where he repeatedly threatens to walk out and I have to remind him to stay seated...

We went to the mouth of Clear Creek near the Kooskia Fish Hatchery sometime back (who knows what day) to see the eagles fishing. We weren't stealthy at all and scared them off before we could get too close. See him sitting in the branches on the right? Squint.

enjoying the sunshine

Thursday was Keith's birthday and we had to go to Orofino to get his cake (chocolate cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting - was delish), so we did "the responsible thing" (according to Keith) and took the recycling as well.

And we saw some people fishing on the river on the way home.

Yesterday (or some day) we were driving through Kooskia and I had to circle back to get a shot of this VW Bug with "Kooskia or Bust" drawn in the dust on the passenger side window.

Just a random one of Mia playing tug-of-war with me with her Christmas present from Amanda and K2 - firehose recycled as a dog toy. Genius! Our dogs are tough on toys and these are standing up quite well so far. Our dogs should be dog toy testers the way they tear things up. "Pit bull approved" seems like it would back up claims of durability.

The other night we decided for our sanity we need to plan a lengthy trip away by ourselves (sans dogs even). Like a month. Picking the slowest time of the year at both the restaurant and the newspaper (late fall/early winter) means we need to pick a warm climate. Mexico is the logical choice since a) we've already been there and know the tiniest bit of Spanish b) it's warm and c) it's cheap.

Probably fly in somewhere and use their bus system to get down the east coast and around the Yucatan Peninsula. I'd really love to be at Chichen Itza for the equinox (as was our plan for our first trip, the one we threw out the window almost immediately once we realized how much driving was involved), but I have a project at the newspaper that is on deadline then.

Still, one month off is quite a bite and we have a lot to prepare: whittling down the bare essentials that we can comfortably carry in our packs, saving money, compiling info, figuring out who's doing what at the restaurant while we're gone. That might be hardest selling point...

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Chris said...

We're feeling the same urge to get away. A month sounds glorious; I'd just be afraid we wouldn't come back!