Friday, January 3, 2014

New year, new things.

I've been thinking about wrapping this here so-called blog for a while now and the new year seems to be a perfect time for endings. The blog is dead (says Jason Kottke) and this one also seems to have run its course. We're pretty stable in our tiny house now (though projects will be never-ending) and eeking out a living here is pretty boring for the most part. There are new things in store for us in 2014, we're looking to the future as always. But I think I'm going to turn inward this year and work on myself rather than putting things out into the world. There's plenty of that already. 

I'll probably continue to post photos sporadically on flickr, so head over there if you feel the need to verify our existence. Otherwise, I'm going dark for a bit. Thanks to any who stopped by and we'll see you later on down the road.