Thursday, April 22, 2010

First mini-camp of the year

Last weekend the weather was gorgeous (and so was the forecast), so Keith and I decided to ignore pause our numerous duties around here and take off camping overnight.

We went to Campbell Pond, up out of Konkolville (which is outside of Orofino). There were a few people there during the day, but we had the campground to ourselves all evening and into the next morning. Our campsite was perfect for the dogs and they got to stay off-leash most of the time, which is the only way to have a happy camping experience for the whole family.

Keith fished and caught three. I only got a blurry photo of the last one, which he said was the smallest. Mmmhmmm.

Next time we'll take the boat and get over to the part of the lake most people can't reach.

Learning how to travel long-term as a lifestyle.

It definitely got us in the mood for more camping this summer. I'd love to hike into Gospel Hump. And we talk about going back to Walton Lake. Good thing I'm getting in shape.

Today I got some more film returned and although I'm getting better I am reminded that I need to start shooting things other than the dogs and Keith.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A dogless king-size murphy bed...

One can only dream!

We're (usually always) re-analyzing the interior space of the house. Right now/lately it's the bed. Wondering if it might make sense to have a murphy bed instead. I really like the idea of this new? style that has free swinging shelves so when you lower the bed, the shelves rotate. Like The Dotto. Horizontal, not vertical. Would allow for a king-size mattress, I think.

It would leave more floor space for a really nice drop-leaf table we have that would be perfect for meals. Etc.
Anyway, these kits are uberexpensive, so this would be totally DIY. Natch. Come on, we're smart. (Plus, here's some plans someone's posted online for this very purpose.) And we have no extra laminate flooring (under the bed is bare), so that would require creativity to fix.

Also talking about: outdoor brick oven, replacing the wood stove (maybe?), toilet (still), sink/gray water, covered porch (with theater seats out there?), rain barrels... it's never-ending.

What about a garden? Keith keeps saying we're going to plant one, but I don't see it happening. If anything I want to grow tomatillos. Maybe we could sell sweet tomatillo salsa at the Farmer's Market or something. Because we don't have enough projects going on right now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Money's just something you throw off the back of the train.

Post title courtesy of Tom Waits...

We're not talking about money around here. About how we don't have any. Or ever will.
We're just living in the moment. For now.
And buying a lot of our groceries at the damaged freight grocery store.

A current shot of the tiny house in typical March/April weather.
Keith has table saws and saw horses set up in the front yard for cuttin' and buildin' and other tiny house construction activities.

We primed the shelves that Keith built and got a piece of old lumber to hold up the counter top so we could fantasize about how it's going to look some day with the sink in, etc.

We priced galvanized pipe (guess what: it's expensive) and thought about other materials we could use for counter supports/legs... and came back to galvanized pipe.

One design/house blog I read has a shelving unit made out of plumbing pipe and I like that, but I don't know if it's the right diameter, proportionally.

Of course, Home Resource, where we got the counter top for SIX DOLLARS, had some recycled galvanized pipe, but we Keith didn't think we'd need it. Yeah, that point has been made.

Mia's got a bum ear: an aural hematoma. The vet's going to fix her up next Friday but she has to deal with a water balloon on the side of her head until then. (The ear on the right in this photo.) Poor girl!My running plan with Lazlo is going so-so. I'm repeating week 3 because I don't feel confident I can do week 4's plan yet. Honestly, he's holding me back. Running up a slight incline while pulling a 95-pound pit bull is HARD! Yesterday I took both dogs, which was also hard. Keith says to leave the dogs behind, but I like taking them (or one of them at least) with me. And Lazlo acts excited to go---at first. I do think his leg is still bothering him, where he got bit. I'd be slow to run, too, if someone bit a chuck out of my flank. So I'm cutting him some slack.

I did book the two weddings I quoted, which is really exciting! They're both local and should be pretty straightforward.

(This shot is from a roll I recently had developed, didn't realize it was from the wedding I did last September! Oops.)