Sunday, April 11, 2010

A dogless king-size murphy bed...

One can only dream!

We're (usually always) re-analyzing the interior space of the house. Right now/lately it's the bed. Wondering if it might make sense to have a murphy bed instead. I really like the idea of this new? style that has free swinging shelves so when you lower the bed, the shelves rotate. Like The Dotto. Horizontal, not vertical. Would allow for a king-size mattress, I think.

It would leave more floor space for a really nice drop-leaf table we have that would be perfect for meals. Etc.
Anyway, these kits are uberexpensive, so this would be totally DIY. Natch. Come on, we're smart. (Plus, here's some plans someone's posted online for this very purpose.) And we have no extra laminate flooring (under the bed is bare), so that would require creativity to fix.

Also talking about: outdoor brick oven, replacing the wood stove (maybe?), toilet (still), sink/gray water, covered porch (with theater seats out there?), rain barrels... it's never-ending.

What about a garden? Keith keeps saying we're going to plant one, but I don't see it happening. If anything I want to grow tomatillos. Maybe we could sell sweet tomatillo salsa at the Farmer's Market or something. Because we don't have enough projects going on right now.

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