Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I keep track of things

I have a new way to keep track of elements I want to incorporate into our tiny house - Pinterest!

Including what I just realized is my dream kitchen, pictured above. So begins the process of going back through my emails to myself etc. to compile everything I love about design into one place.

Yesterday I emailed about 10 links to DIY off-grid toilets to Keith, hoping we can have a brainstorming session this weekend and maybe actually get a plan for that...  Though we're both pretty mentally preoccupied with our upcoming 10-day camping trip and we know nothing major is getting accomplished until we return from that anyway.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting out

Keith sold his Honda Mini Trail (cue: sad trombone), so he graciously agreed, the sale coinciding with Payday, that we could make a trip to Missoula to acquire new vĂȘtements.  We were both a little blurry-eyed at 5 a.m. when we left and started upriver toward the Montana border, but with scenery like this it's not really all that bad.

elk farm with Lolo Peak in the background

Our friend Mike showed us his Jeep that he's converting to electric as a marketing tool for his solar business. It's pretty sweet. He was partnering with some students in a local welding/machining class to get some part of the motor going, but he's on hold since it's summer and budget cuts may mean he's on hold even longer.

A funny non-performance art piece was set up near the Saturday Market in Missoula on the morning of the supposed rapture.

Nice to see art where it belongs-on the street

Back on The Farm, everything everywhere is blooming.

The bees are back! We had a problem with some plants not getting well-pollinated last year and wondered if part of it was lack of bees. But it seems they are out and about this spring.

All I've been taking pictures of lately, it seems, are flowers of one kind or another. So I figured this was a good time to update my website. Moved some photos around, made an opening slide show with some new images. In an attempt to save some money I haven't purchased a new domain yet (since my old one was stolen), but luckily the work I put into designing my site wasn't lost at all and is still available here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain aplenty. Not as bad as the Mississippi delta, but too much to keep us from doing anything outside or starting our Major Projects of the Year (e.g. shower, toilet). So we wait. Today the sun is out, but the weekend forecast calls for rain.

Some of the tulips are fading (above) but we still have some around the cherry tree and some dark purple ones near the back fence that look like plums on stems.

The dogs are a little antsy when they don't get enough exercise. This is Mia hoping any second Keith will throw that tennis ball instead of holding it over my shoulder.

Haven't been able to till the garden space yet. But mushrooms are growing in the lawn. A few minutes after I took this photo Lazlo shredded them, confirming Keith's theory that first emerged after Lazlo shredded the crocuses this spring.

This morning's fog was just burning off when I left for work. Tiny house on the left there, neighbors in the center of the frame.

Monday, May 2, 2011

devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting---my momma loves me!

Birthdays are a great time to reflect and reassess, make new goals and remember old ones. Today I start my 33rd year and I solemnly vow to try to be a better person. Again. Still.

One of my main goals for this next year (artificial a starting point as it may be) is to make more art. Someone swiped my website address, so I am working on transferring it over to a new name. I found out it was swiped when I had a featured photo on NewWest and the link to my site was broken. Sucks to have a photo linked to your NOTHING.

I am entering a few in a local art show next week. Copying Nici Holt Cline's (digthischick) idea of mounting photos on wood. Luckily, I have myself a woodsman! Or at least someone who can reliably operate a band saw (not in my skill set).

I also have a problem. With the library.

I have book ADD; some books I check out and start to read but I may not finish. Destiny and Desire I'm about halfway through but it's really not doing anything for me (might came back to it in a year or so), so it's a placeholder book. Something to try while I had some others on request. It might take a week for one to come in on the system we have. Or it could be two days. I have a book traffic jam.

Surprisingly I got a copy of The Pale King within a week of requesting it which is awesome for central Idaho! Your taxpayer dollars at work!