Monday, May 2, 2011

devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting---my momma loves me!

Birthdays are a great time to reflect and reassess, make new goals and remember old ones. Today I start my 33rd year and I solemnly vow to try to be a better person. Again. Still.

One of my main goals for this next year (artificial a starting point as it may be) is to make more art. Someone swiped my website address, so I am working on transferring it over to a new name. I found out it was swiped when I had a featured photo on NewWest and the link to my site was broken. Sucks to have a photo linked to your NOTHING.

I am entering a few in a local art show next week. Copying Nici Holt Cline's (digthischick) idea of mounting photos on wood. Luckily, I have myself a woodsman! Or at least someone who can reliably operate a band saw (not in my skill set).

I also have a problem. With the library.

I have book ADD; some books I check out and start to read but I may not finish. Destiny and Desire I'm about halfway through but it's really not doing anything for me (might came back to it in a year or so), so it's a placeholder book. Something to try while I had some others on request. It might take a week for one to come in on the system we have. Or it could be two days. I have a book traffic jam.

Surprisingly I got a copy of The Pale King within a week of requesting it which is awesome for central Idaho! Your taxpayer dollars at work!


Anonymous said...

I totally get that book ADD - I regularly have a few books on the go at the same time too! It drives my husband mad as he thinks it is obsessive to have THAT MANY books in the stack by the bed...
Love your blog!

April said...

Yeah and every night I start to read my husband says, "Reading, huh?" like we haven't been sharing the same bed for the past decade. Roll over, you'll be asleep in 3 minutes!