Friday, April 29, 2011

Keith and I have made a new routine that involves daily (or twice-daily) walks to the river and back. Roundtrip is almost one mile exactly and we're not breaking any records, but it's activity together and that's what counts. Watching one or two movies a night doesn't count for calories burned.

A couple of evenings ago we decided to try Church Canyon (opposite direction of the river walk) for a change of scenery and that's where we saw Pancho Villa and Theresa, the highland cattle.

This first shot is a little bit of an optical illusion because although the cows are large, they're not mammoth-sized. They're quite shy and easily spooked. They definitely did not approve of our dogs, even though the dogs were on leash.

We're still amending our tiny house plans and recent discussions have indicated we might turn the space formerly reserved for a shower into an extended part of the kitchen.

We've already decided to build a tiny "out house" for the toilet off the porch (instead of indoors, plumbing etc.) to the left of what you see above and so it only makes sense to keep the toilet/shower together like we had initially planned.

Our travels to Mexico introduced us to the idea of one small room with both a shower and a toilet and since we're trying to live small it's reasonable for us to combine the spaces.

Since the weather hasn't exactly been balmy, we moved the drop leaf table and chairs inside and had a realization. We could use more kitchen space! We'll see how it all comes together, but I am excited about so many things we have planned for our space this summer.


Chris said...

I love those cows!

Chris said...

I like the new look to the blog too, by the way.