Friday, April 1, 2011

First Saturday

Since I generally only work 3 days a week, I consider everyone else's Friday to be my first Saturday. And this is where I plan to spend at least part of today, book in hand. And I think it's almost time to break out the hammock.

This is the Polaroid SX-70 I picked up for $10 last weekend. It looks like it's in mint condition and I have some PX 70 Color Shade Push on order from The Impossible Project. Since Polaroid ceased production on their film, this company has tried to keep it going.

Including S&H and breaking it down to per-picture price, it's about $3/ea. Needless to say, this is not going to be something I can do often. So I decided to take the camera with us on our 10-day camping trip to celebrate our 10-year anniversary in June. Definitely to get a picture of the church (Church of the Wildwoods) and whatever else I think is worth preserving at $3/click.

I found a Colorpack II (1971 Polaroid) at the same place with a case and manual for $5. The cameras are cheap because the film is expensive! But like I explained to Keith, "It's ART!!!"

Yesterday it rained all day (or drizzled at least) and today the sun is trying to stay ahead of the clouds. I think the dew has evaporated off the grass enough I can't make any more excuses about why I'm not pruning the fruit trees. Off I go!

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