Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Porch blogging

We're clearing our throats, unplugging the turn table, stacking dishes and bagging empties, turning on lights, and hoping winter gets the hint and clears the hell out.

dark clouds got you on your knees,
no use letting all this winter bring you down,
ain't no time to fret and cry
when you got a whole great big world to see,
and when the heavy sky breaks
and beams of sunlight fall down all around your face
you will remember that it's good to be alive, 
and I will meet you in the sunshine in the morning

The long incarceration is how I heard it described on the radio this weekend, winter. This past (feels like passed) winter was especially difficult, challenging, mind- and heart-stretching. And as much as part of me welcomes that opportunity to grow as a person, the other, the less gracious and accepting part of me is really happy for a break from that. I can't keep that kind of intense concentration for that long and I am happy to see it simmer on the back burner while we enjoy the sun.

This weekend I got our peppers and tomatoes started, the seeds in cells in the greenhouse. Everything else can wait.

Keith cleared out some of the juniper around the house. We're making way for a toilet (this can't happen soon enough). Also thinking raised (garden) beds next year. Lazlo was intent on babysitting the burn pile. For a short second the wind picked up and I saw the heat waves pretty close to his back and he just hunkered down a little more. Weirdo!

I pulled a double drop-leaf table we've had since Missoula... or Portland... out of storage and I found these solid chairs second hand this weekend so we have a dining room now. Al fresco! I have plans to paint and recover the chairs (and table) sometime this summer...scouring Design*Sponge's before/after posts for inspiration.

lilacs are on their way

I'm very disappointed and saddened by my failure to fully experience the love I see so many people showing for The Impossible Project. But I'm committed to giving it one more heartfelt try. After my 2 Polaroid scores a few weekends ago, I went online and ordered a pack of film from this place (and it's pretty hard for me to justify spending $25 on EIGHT photos) that is trying to produce film for people who are still in love with the concept and immediate emotional satisfaction of the Polaroid. Which I admit I am, because I am all about instant gratification.

This is what I think was the best one out of the pack of eight, I think the second one. And it's a complete mistake abstract happy accident. The others that kind of turned out, even after I tried following the explicit super involved instructions, way pink and dark and weird. Meh. Well, one pack of silver shade to take on the trip and then I'll probably put the cameras away for a while.


Anonymous said...

in love with that outdoor dining space! xo

SheriffShooter said...

your pictures are beautiful!! these compositions look very late seventies!!! fantastic, i'm going to check out more.