Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain aplenty. Not as bad as the Mississippi delta, but too much to keep us from doing anything outside or starting our Major Projects of the Year (e.g. shower, toilet). So we wait. Today the sun is out, but the weekend forecast calls for rain.

Some of the tulips are fading (above) but we still have some around the cherry tree and some dark purple ones near the back fence that look like plums on stems.

The dogs are a little antsy when they don't get enough exercise. This is Mia hoping any second Keith will throw that tennis ball instead of holding it over my shoulder.

Haven't been able to till the garden space yet. But mushrooms are growing in the lawn. A few minutes after I took this photo Lazlo shredded them, confirming Keith's theory that first emerged after Lazlo shredded the crocuses this spring.

This morning's fog was just burning off when I left for work. Tiny house on the left there, neighbors in the center of the frame.


SheriffShooter said...

i don't know how you get your pictures to look the way they do, and i love each and every one of them.

Chris said...

What great pictures. Very inspiring.