Thursday, January 14, 2010

take a penny, leave a penny makes another appearance

Mom and I decorating the dining room for the holidays.

SP through holiday decorations

prime rib and fries

our best cook, Diana

Got 2 more rolls from the Minolta developed...two rolls of b/w, one from a wedding in Sept., one mostly with restaurant pics. Pretty happy with how they turned out, putting the Diana Mini away for a while. I think it's best suited for occasional use. I want the control I get from the Minolta most of the time. But the Diana is so small it's easy to carry.

So we're trying to make Thursdays Keith's day off. Weaning the restaurant off of him. This morning we had to drive to Harpster to pick up sausages. We go through about 40# a month right now.

The river is thawing with all the rain and warmer temps. It feels like spring, not mid-January. If the ice breaks (it's looking like it will at Button Beach, just upriver from the restaurant) we might get really busy with fishermen.

There's supposed to be a bunch of eagles congregating on some salmon a few miles upriver. I want to try to get up there sometime tomorrow to check it out.

Pepsi finally came through with a sign! It's even more official now.

The path to the tiny house gets trickier with all this crappy weather. Mud moat. I'm going to go out there now and try to clean. Try to get motivated to clean...


Melissa M. said...

I like the pics! Every time I see your restaurant, I want to be there ordering food. Do you know that down here, they don't even know what fry sauce is? It's a hard life.

Chris said...

Mmmmm, prime rib. We'll definitely need to make a run over there. Maybe a long way for a meal, but I don't care.

Love the black & white pics.