Monday, January 19, 2009


Any work on the tiny house is paused for the next few weeks while Keith goes to Montana to work... Boooo. So back I go into my parents' house for the meantime. I just don't want to deal with keeping a fire going for just myself. Etc.

Not looking forward to dropping him off at the bus station tomorrow because we tend to wither when we're apart (which is good for my waistline, but not my heart). And he's going to be gone for his 40th birthday, which really makes me sad. But he says we can celebrate when he gets back. 40 is a big one in my book, but he says he'd rather celebrate it without a number attached. He says I'll understand when I'm almost 40.

We got a screaming deal on some cedar at the mill where my mom works---enough to side the entire tiny house for $260. That's probably Project #1 when Keith gets back. Board-and-batten cedar siding, coming up. Then our house will look less like an art installation and more like an actual dwelling. We decided the barn wood was too labor intensive and dangerous when we found out how cheap the cedar was. Easy decision. And we will have enough left over to do the inside of the shower/bathroom area.

So while Keith's gone I plan to spend my free time working, reading, and working out. Not much posting.

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Chris said...

What I like about these projects is hearing how things change, like the barn wood vs. cedar thing. It's an adaptive, spontaneous process that makes it cooler than just sitting down with a contractor and telling them "we want this and this and this" etc.