Wednesday, August 26, 2009


à la Frank Costanza.

After a rough start to the week, I have decided to LET. IT. GO.
Looking forward to making a trip over to Missoula (with music!!) on Friday doesn't hurt. Especially since we plan on seeing the matinee Inglourious Basterds. Big Quentin Tarantino fans, we are.

Back to my Serenity Now regimen.
A trip to the garden is always therapeutic.
My wildflowers are hanging in there.

The volunteer horseradish crop is doing well, too. I pulled some tonight, but I'll need to pull more tomorrow in order to make a decent batch.

My family makes fun of me because (like my grandpa) I like to eat things that make my eyes water and my nose run. Spicy Chinese mustard, etc. And yes, horseradish. Put a little horseradish on your grilled cheese---there's nothing better.

A quick Google search led me to this site and what looks like a pretty safe recipe for processing horseradish.

After inspecting the popcorn crop, I realized it's amazing how little I know about the reproductive life of corn. Here's a crash course if you're as in the dark as I was. It all makes sense now.

I found a lightweight aluminum tripod on craigslist and when I just now asked Keith if I could buy it ($20), he said, "Any time you want to buy something, just look at the camper." So I guess I have that advantage for a while.

Camper, you say?
Have a look at "Keith's New Project."

He paid $175 for it on my condition that nothing happens to it until the inside of the tiny house is finished.

He's pretty happy with himself.

It needs a lot of work, but we're both pretty confident the end product will be awesome. We plan on basically gutting it and redoing the inside for our needs. After the tiny house is finished. For $175, how can you go wrong? Who knows, maybe one day we'll make it back down to San Blas. We'll just have to make sure it's jejene-proof.


brett said...

And if all else fails, you could turn your new trailer into a food cart and come back to Portland. It seems we're handing them out at the border these days.

Have fun this weekend.

lavachickie said...

NICE camper. You can do AWESOME things with it. We fell in love with little campers, too. So far we've just done one, but we are always looking for that next project...