Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today we were supposed to have a budget meeting. But Keith spent most of the day being Groundskeeper Willie and I cleaned house and made a fire and took a nap. (It feels to luxurious to make a fire during the day. And makes for a great nap, too.)

We're notoriously bad with money and mostly we deal with it on an abstract level. We're just need enough to get by. And we usually don't save any. But in order to finance an idea like a month-long backpacking trip in Central America, we're going to need a budget to help us save. (A friend said she has had good luck with mint. But I'm not ready to sign up for a new account yet.)

Considering I'm technically just out of poverty (and Keith hasn't been paid recently either), saving for something this big is a little daunting. But I've pledged to stop buying tall cans of Starbucks before work, etc. and if we have to I can commit to eating a diet of beans and rice. It could be a weight loss program, too.

Speaking of (not) saving money: Today I bought a baggie full of letters for $2 at the second-hand store. And some red-handled kitchen scissors. I can't decide if they should spell something (even if it doesn't make sense)

or if I should arrange them in a shape.

It's Balmy February and the dogs got to chew on some tennis balls and leftover ribs Keith cooked for the Superbowl.

We Keith finally got the door of the truck fixed. We can now get out of the driver's side door without rolling the window down. (But we still have XM radio antennae cords strung out on the dash like rednecks.) Pulled a door handle mechanism thing (I wasn't watching) out of the only wrecked Ranger they had.

To the lumberwrecking yard! I finished a roll of film and started a new one and we didn't even go inside the main gate.

I took this shot with film, too. To compare. And I should get an email any minute that 3 rolls I sent in at the beginning of the week are posted online (before the prints are shipped). I'm definitely exciting thinking about taking my film camera(s) on the road.


Lyneya said...

I think the abstract shape of letters looks really cool. Maybe in a picture frame painted black. good luck with the saving.

stephen said...

Mia is so cute! is awesome, definitely worth a try. The bag of letters reminds me of Faulty Towers (or Farty Towels)

Britney said...

Abstract shape! I say this mainly because I'm terrible at anagrams and word-jumbly things in general. -Spuddy