Thursday, March 4, 2010

gorgeous day for fishing
(my shot on the front page of the newspaper this week)

After stalling and procrastinating an inordinate amount of time, I am finally building myself a photography website. Something like a portfolio where I can direct potential clients, but also where I can be contacted for prints, cards, etc. So stay tuned.

We had a good, if slightly chilly, time on the river for the boat's maiden voyage. That's where I took the top photo, from the boat during the golden hour. Keith didn't catch anything, but the boat stayed afloat so I am considering it a success. He just rowed us across the river and we dropped anchor, looking for some bass. I saw one swim under the boat, but no bitey.

Monday he took Dave from the rock to the bridge and I think he's done with rivers for now. Our next excursion will likely be either to Dworshak or Winchester Lake.

this is the life

I was taking suggestions for names on Facebook and a friend suggested Boaty McBoaterson. I thought it should be more positive, so I counter-suggested Floaty McBoaterson. When I told Keith he laughed pretty hard. I should just find some paint and make it official.

His other idea was "Stugots," like Tony Soprano's boat. (We're watching The Sopranos from Season 1 right now.) It's funny, but do you really want to explain to people what it means? Floaty McBoaterson is much more palatable.


Alison said...

I do agree that Floaty is a great name! And I am so jealous that you have the boat and the time to head out day I will make the time for those things

stephen said...

Yep, Floaty is a good 'un. Somehow, I can see Keith spending more than a few days fishing this summer. Good luck on the website...will you be selling prints online too?

April said...

I don't think I'll go to the trouble of setting up a cart/payment system on the site itself, but I will definitely sell prints.

Chris said...

That fishing on the river picture is fantastic, April.

April said...