Saturday, May 15, 2010

rhymes with ketchup

One of the house/design blogs I regularly read has been inspiring me (and our friends use it for their solar business), so I explained to Keith that I wanted to try to use Google SketchUp to visualize the covered porch we want to make for our house BEFORE we start building anything.

I think I used the words "half-assed" and I think his feelings were hurt, but we made up.

So this is a pretty accurate representation (I broke out the tape measure). And it only took the better part of an hour. (I won't point out that the roof doesn't quite match up with the house on the tall end...I re-worked it a dozen times before I gave up and left it like this. Close enough!)

Since our deck is a weird shape, putting a roof on it and making sure it meshes with the profile of the house is my biggest concern. Keith, I think he just wants it covered any ol' way.

I also want to steal The Brick House's idea of a slat screen on the deck/porch/whatever. It will allow some sun in, but keep it mostly in the shade (on the hottest side of the house) and the bonus is increased privacy. (Not that we have nosy neighbors... Hi, Mom & Dad!)

The plan, still nascent, is to build a roof and slat screen to enclose the main part of the deck and then maybe get a sun shade for the south side of the house (the one with the two windows on it in the sketchup) that will also tie into the roof. Whether or not I can successfully illustrate that before we put hammer to nail is another story.

On display in the windowsill lately, Lazlo's puppy teeth. Don't ask how or why. We don't know, either. I put them in a jar, which is sitting on a tile Keith stole out of the hotel where Jim Morrison wrote L.A. Woman.* And some moss I dug up today.

Tomorrow I may or may not be meeting with the bride for the first wedding at the location. Getting ready for all that by windowscreen?shopping for a new (or used) DSLR. And shooting more Velvia 50 so I can send it off and hopefully get it back before the weddings. It's not good for shooting people (too red) apparently, but great for landscapes. So at least one camera will have a roll of that in it for the backdrop shots.

*allegedly (I'm reading David Foster Wallace. Hence the footnote.)

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