Sunday, June 27, 2010

Roof raising

Still very much under construction, but we can tell a difference already in the temperature in and around the house.

The theater seats might find new homes out here once we're done. Keith kept stubbing his toes on them when they were at the end of the bed. But how to keep the cats off them is another issue.

Our friend Steve in Portland commented how fun it is to watch summer storms roll in from a covered porch. He's so right.

Now all the sheeting is on, the drip edge and fascia is on. Keith has to crawl up there Spiderman-style and get the tin on and then the gutter and then we'll start on slats. I don't know what the construction timeline is, really; I'm just the home owner.


Chris said...

The tiny house is looking most excellent.

April said...


E said...

A shady porch is great!

Will you take it down in the winter or don't you get a lot of snow?

April said...

No, it's a permanent structure. We don't get a ton of snow, usually not more than 1-2' at any given time. But the roof is angled and also easy to sweep/shovel if needed.