Monday, September 6, 2010


That's me crossing the finish line of my first 5k. Not a goal I would ever thought I'd set for myself. I used to be one of those people who thought running was stupid. I wouldn't say I'm a total convert now, but I see the value in being outside and pushing limits and zoning out. At least that's why I get out of it. Also, calories burned.

I started "training" using the Couch to 5k program back on March 14 and had several setbacks (shingles, blisters from the hike) that caused me to backtrack, but the farthest I had ever run without stopping was just over a mile.

I decided the BBQ Days Fun Run would be my last chance this year to get in a race, so I decided to go for it, push myself, and see how far I could go. My goal was to run the whole thing without stopping, but I didn't know if that would be possible.

almost to the halfway point

Saturday a.m. I ran to the halfway point, past the halfway point, to a shady curve where I walked for about a quarter mile and then I finished running the rest of the way (including up a hill, which is why I stopped--to have the energy to go up it). At the end I was thinking, I shouldn't have stopped. But I did. But I am still happy with myself since I hadn't run at all the week before.

Sunday I covered the Extreme Bull Bash for the newspaper. Not exactly my scene (I feel bad for the animals, especially when they're getting shocked), but I got some great shots. The newspaper has decided to start selling prints through zenfolio as well (in fact, I pitched it to them), so the photos are technically not mine. (Prints for sale/view will be here later this week.) But here's a preview.

This is Clayne Haight, a local high schooler who was one of the younger riders in Saturday's competition. They had PBR bulls and even some pro riders, but not that many successful rides. Bulls kept escaping from the chutes. It was a little hectic. But the turnout was really good and I think it's something they will do next year.


Chris said...

Good for you on your run! I found when I ran the 5K earlier this year that what hurt me the most was running on pavement, which I never do. Next year I'll work that into my training earlier. I'm glad you went for it!

Aine said...

That is so awesome! I'm really impressed -- with your running and your photos.

steph said...

Kinda embarrassed that I haven't stopped by more regularly but still - really makes me happy to read your blog. Congrats on the 5K! As a runner myself I can relate to the not-seeing-value-in-it combined with the seeing-value-in-zoning-out thing. Running can be quite spiritual and quiet once you get to a point where every cell in your body isn't screaming in pain. ;)

Love the photos, as always. Glad to see you are doing well. :)