Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Up against the abrupt edge of reality

Let's just say going back to work Monday after 10 days off was difficult on my being. Today was smoother. Which is a little frightening.

Our trip to southern Idaho was good and happy and mostly uneventful in the catastrophe sense, which is how we judge the success of most of our undertakings.

 Lazlo having a roll while we decide what's next

The dogs were willing participants at first. And Mia is pretty much always game for whatever we're doing since she doesn't want to be left behind. But Lazlo balked pretty much every time we asked him to Load Up.

I can imagine it's not first class riding down the bumpy back roads of  Idaho in the back of a Ranger stuffed with camping gear...no drink service on this route! But they're dogs! (We couldn't get away with that kind of treatment re: children. Probably.)

I mean, a big part of our goal for the trip was to make sure everyone had a good time. So we made frequent pit stops when we were driving, tried to camp a couple nights in each spot without driving much, and camped (all except one night) where they could be off-leash. That's a recipe for dog vacation. Plus carrots and biscuits.

Moseying down the highway, as that's the only speed at which our truck moves forward, I pointed my camera out the window and hoped for the best. I won't bore you with a play-by-play. I hope to post only the best over the next couple of weeks as I work through the nearly 1,000 digital files and 3+ rolls of film, once I get them developed. Keith estimates we traveled over 1,000 miles.

 the first night - just outside Pine

Much like any adventure we take on (and our life in general, I suppose), we didn't have a concrete plan when we left, only a sketch. It's more fun that way. We camped in free campgrounds (thanks to Ray's Guide) every night but one which we spent at Ponderosa State Park in McCall. The cheaper campground was still snowed in so it cost us $25 to camp that night. Ouch! That supposedly included showers in the communal "bath houses" but it was cold and rainy and the one I tested only produced lukewarm water.

sunrise at Pine

firewood for sale by the honor system, fundraiser for a QuinceaƱera  - oustide Lowman

sheep drive, Friday morning - outside Pine (and soon after was a cattle drive)

defunct art deco radio station - outside Weiser (my dad said his aunt Zelda worked here in the 50s)

We only had one mechanical fiasco (during which Keith changed 3 tires with a lousy jack and a round of firewood and learned our spare only fit on the back axle, ahem) and no health problems, so we are happy to have made the trip and back in 4 pieces. We have to try to plant the garden this week. (I know!) And we're moving forward on bathroom plans...


SheriffShooter said...

once again, loved the tone of voice and the pictures here. hope you have a lot more fun on your trip.

Lydia said...

This is all gorgeous! My favorite is the sheep, and the pic of you two just relaxing. And Lazlo is a cutie. Have fun! :-)

Chris said...

What a fun trip. That sheep picture really is awesome!

Tweekala74 said...

At the risk of looking like a lunatic - I stumbled across your blog via Love and Trash and was hooked by your most recent posts and out of idle curiosity went back to your first post (just to have a quick look, you know) and have not stopped reading since (well meal and bathroom breaks aside!)

My husband and I have a similar feeling of soul-mateness as you guys clearly have. We too are happiest in each other's company and have moved out of London after many years residency and have exponentially upped our time spent out doors in the countryside being all wholesome and goodly (plus we were able to get a dog with a beard - woohoo).

Your brilliant writing encapsulates a long held fantasy of mine to live in a little place and lead a (reasonably) simple life (we're heading in the right direction I hope), but you also convey so brilliantly the reality of how much hard bloody work it is. Could I be arsed?? Maybe if I didn't have a lot of the annoying crappola of life in the mainstream, perhaps I could...

Now that I have brought myself up to date with your blog and read the last entry to date, I must now contend with that slightly melancholy feeling one has upon reaching the end of a wonderfully compelling book. It has been an inspiring read-athon.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next update.

With heartfelt thanks and best wishes,

Michaela (High Wycombe, England)

April said...

well, thank you. possibly the nicest comment someone's ever written here. try not to be disappointed by future posts! :)