Friday, March 16, 2012

The last corner

The last corner of the house needing major construction is now ... somewhat finished. Useable at the very least.

We're quite happy with how our plywood cabinet turned out, though there were - as always - some obstacles along the way.
The table folds up to cover 2/3 of the shelves to keep the main dishes free of dust and dog hair. It has a simple hook and eye keeping it closed on one side. If we can't find the map of Mexico that we used to plan our route in 2006, I'll buy another one and spray mount it to the underside of the table so when it's up (which will be most of the time), the map will show.

Table down - planning on having our first meal at it this evening.

In the triangle space between the cabinet and the window over the sink, Keith built another small shelving unit which we've already filled. Also, a magnetic knife bar going vertically holds our measuring cups and utensils. Another magnetic knife strip mounted to the underside of the bottom shelf holds our knives. On top of the cabinet we have some copper canisters, a collapsing wood dish rack, and a couple of vases.

There's still no flooring in that section of the house (since we'd intended on it being a shower, we left it just as subfloor). But Keith plans on taking up some of the laminate at the entry way and putting under the cabinet/table. We found some beautiful blue tile at Habitat for Humanity some time back that will look great in the entry. But that's definitely after the bathroom is finished!

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Amanda said...

that looks great! I love all of the kitchen things...looks more and more complete! Thanksgiving at your house this year?