Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water dogs

The temps are rising and even though we now have a little air conditioner for the tiny house (a lifesaver, thanks to my parents) we try to hit the river about every other day to cool off. It's very crowded this time of year but the river has been dropping rapidly and now we can walk downriver to the rock beach and have some space.
I think Lazlo is part Lab as much as he likes swimming. Just saying "swimmin" gets him all worked up. We get to the river and all he does is swim and dig for rocks. Not sure how he got onto the rock digging, but Mia has been watching him and decided she can do it, too - in a little shallower water.
I tried coaxing her out deeper, but she was not at all on board with that. She needs to be touching the bottom at all times. Though she will stick her face underwater, so whatever.
I can only be out in the sun for about an hour at a time without feeling like I'm frying (even with SPF55) and every time I tell Lazlo it's time to go home it breaks his little doggy heart. I think he would live in the water - except there are no blankets to crawl under at night there. 


Tweekala74 said...

Ha we recently discovered our dog likes to dive for rocks too (he's a rescue dog so we've only had him 18mths) He 'caught' a large rock and proceeded to carry / drag it all the way home even though it was not far off the size of his head!
PS can't imagine needing an air con unit, what with our miserable rainy British summer!

April said...

Yeah, I was against AC for a long time (using a lot of electricity and all), but we've had 100°+ days here recently and the dogs wouldn't survive the summer without it, I don't think.
That's funny about your dog!!

Tweekala74 said...

And they say there's no global warming - you guys seem to be getting the hottest ever summer and we're getting the wettest - something in between would be nice for all us by the sounds of it! Enjoy your AC, sounds like a life saver :-)