Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stock tank tub it is

We made the leap and purchased our bathtub/shower basin for the tiny house today - at our local feed store where we also got another rain barrel to assist in the composting toilet process (more info on the logistics of that here).
Obviously there's a LOT of work that needs to be done before it will be truly useable, but it was satisfying to see if fill the space and I even got in it to imagine my first bath in a loooong time. I'm adding to my pinterest board for the tiny house all the time, too.
I am not a compensated endorser, however I DO love this new candle I bought when Huckberry had them on sale recently (along with this sweet Breaking Bad T-shirt for Keith). Terrific smell (this one is agave + honeysuckle), 50-hour burn time (burns evenly with the 2 wicks), hand poured, and the company donates to animal rescues. Probably have to get another one for the bathroom once it's bath time.
My container veggies are still growing and going strong. I got one full blossom on the pepper plant (right), but the weather hasn't been hot enough for it to transform into an actual pepper. The 2 Galina tomato plants are blossoming as well, but as the nighttime temps dip into the 50s and 40s we're going to have to move everything inside soon.


Greg F said...

It is tough to tell how big the tub is? In the photo it looks dog sized... I assume it is bigger?

Joseph, Father of Six said...

A while back you mentioned you weren't happy with your current heating situation. My wife and I were sad when you went from that cool old stove you had to propane but we understood being cold is not cool.

I have a small cabin I'm using as an office and plan on building a rocket mass heater to heat the place. Maybe you and Keith should do some rearch on the possibility of maybe building one yourself.

Check out rocketstoves dot com.

We really enjoy following your progress and I love your photgraphy.

Best regards.

April said...

Greg - I think the official measurements on the tub are 3x2x2. Feels a bit taller than that, though. I can sit in it with bent legs comfortably enough for an occasional bath. We thought about going one size up, but it would take up too much floor space. The interior of the bathroom is 5.5" squared.
Joseph - Will definitely check out rocket stoves. We might stick with propane one more year (and get a dehumidifier) before we decide on wood, etc. The bathroom is the #1 priority.
Thanks for the visits and comments!

Amanda said...

Could you give us am update on your experience with the stock tank tub? And any advise!

April said...

Making a solar-heated water system for our house (gravity shower/kitchen plumbing) is one of our main projects for the summer. Stay tuned...we'll have a post with more details soon. Right now the tub/shower isn't usable.