Monday, September 16, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: Part One

We had no choice but to tackle the southern window problem. The second window in that place to crack = no more windows. Our luck is just not good enough to press the issue. So we decided to frame it in and use the interior space differently for a kitchen remodel.

Our dishes cabinet/folding table/bench concept (pic here) was nice in theory, but it wasn't practical for us. I think I used the table/bench twice for breakfast alone and that's it. We're obviously not afraid of adapting/revising as we go and we've been griping about how our kitchen set-up is not the most user friendly. Therefore, we are turning the whole corner behind where the window was into better kitchen storage.

quick sketch of shelving attachment idea
south end of the house with cracked window removed and plywood/framing in place
it's good to know someone who can do carpentry - for free
with the window out and cabinet removed, this is what we had...
we're using some leftover tin to go behind the cabinet and at the top of the east wall - OSB was the cheapest material to cover the wall where the cabinet used to be so we did that - we had some white paint and the dark blue left over from trim on the big windows - then I realized, while laying on the bed looking at the space at the other end of our house, that red is our unofficial accent color so I found a can of glossy red paint and added a stripe of that, too and I'm stoked with how it turned out - chalkboard moved from bedroom wall to top of the cabinet for grocery/pantry lists, much more useful there
after dealing with some snafus (installing vertical pipe to a sloped roof), we got it
still have some trim pieces to paint and put up, doors back on the cabinet, etc. but we're getting close
necessary tools (beer not pictured)
second streaming location - if the sun is still hitting the porch, we move everything to the yard
 my favorite new pizza (and Bob's Burgers, hilarious): balsamic vinegar drizzled on the pita bread crust + chopped dates + cheese (Gorgonzola if you're brave). Honey drizzle & cracked black pepper when it comes out of the oven.


Amanda said...

hey, I know where you got that recipe!

Chris said...

Love to see how the tiny house has evolved. I need a carpentry project like that to keep practicing on.