Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ranger, Danger

Look what Keith got me for our anniversary!

Not really. He painted the neighbors' house for cash plus this sweeeeeet '89 Ranger, complete with AM radio, (non-working) CB, and....gun rack!?! With this, we are officially Idahoans.

I told him I want to push the brown turd off a cliff. If only I wasn't worried about the resulting pollution, I WOULD. I'd love to see that thing crash into a fiery ball.

The Renger (I had a home health care client in Missoula who said "Renger" instead of Ranger. When we had the little green Renger.) has only had one owner, has low mileage, and will be PERFECT for camping. Awwww yeah. Summer summer summertime.

It's definitely getting a lebowskifest bumper sticker.

Tomorrow directly after I get off work we're driving this sweet ride up to Spokane to catch a plane Thursday morning for PDX.

Long weekend anniversary vacation, here we come!

1 comment:

stephen said...

whoohooo! Go you! Nice truck.

I had an 1988 Ranger...loved it! Sold it in 2002 after 14 trouble-free years. I put over 145k miles on it, and ran like brand-new when I sold it.