Friday, June 5, 2009

The second (final) coat of blue paint is on in the tiny house.

I hung Neal's box painting back up so it wouldn't get damaged accidentally. In real life (later this summer) it will hang a little lower and there will be a white shelf and barn wood above it.

Summer is coming and we're supposed to be finishing the inside so this winter we can actually live in it, not just sleep in it. Time flies. Right now the only thing either of us is thinking about is our long weekend in Portland next week. Ahhhhhh...vacation.

I sent four rolls of film to be developed, waiting anxiously for their return in tangible form, hopefully before we leave. Hoping at least some of them are salvageable. I think I've decided which camera I'm taking to Portland. And A LOT of film.

The wind is blowing, the sun is out and a thunderstorm seems to be rolling in. I love it.

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