Monday, September 7, 2009

Bookshelves & barn wood: up!

(box painting is in storage right now)

(pano from the bed)

(pano from the kitchen)

(the man responsible for all this goodness)

I love it.
Keith relented and let me rough paint the (cedar) shelves with primer.
And he did the rest.
(see: before)

The barn wood is really... REALLY dusty.
Moldy and dusty.
It is barn wood after all.
Here's hoping we don't get Hantavirus.

Before we start piling on the books, we're going to give the shelves wire supports that will help bear the weight. Hooking from the front of the shelf to maybe every other rafter above.

I'm still conflicted about what to do with the ceiling. Assuming we follow through on plans to put dirt on the roof. I don't really want to insulate the roof from underneath because it would lower the ceiling and cover the rafters. And dirt would work. It's just WHEN.

So, thinking about how to make the ceiling, between the rafters, attractive. I've been thinking wheat pasting paper up there. Probably something white or light colored for the illusion of space. Maybe different paper above different parts of the house...bedroom, kitchen.

Tomorrow Keith's going to start, on another barn wood projects since we're in the middle of it, building the wall that will separate the bathroom from the front door.

This is the inspiration for it....from a house in Salt Lake City.
Although obviously we're scaling it way down and instead of a fireplace on the bottom there will be a space on the top for a piece of glass we have.

The front will be sided with barn wood, but the back will be open for storage on the bathroom side.

I think Keith's working on the house all week. !!!

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Melissa M. said...

I like your paper idea. There are so many options. You could also make it an art ceiling that way.