Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taste the rainbow. And some more barn wood.

This is about half the tomatoes we picked tonight. And peppers. And onions.
Everything's prepped - tomorrow: pasta sauce!
I love the variety in color! The orange ones (Golden Boy, we think) are my favorite!
Mutant fruits and vegetables are common around here, but check out this one!

The point was hard, too! What's up with that?

Keith's been doing more work on the house.
This is the lower part of the bathroom wall.

I'm just giving you a frame of reference so when you see the finished product... well, let's hope it all makes sense. We're improvising as we go. As we are wont to do.

And this is the bookshelf Keith built for me. It's cedar, but I'm going to cover it in white primer. Which is what I did for the bookshelves in the bedroom, which are also cedar. And the bedroom window is getting trimmed out/cased in cedar. Everybody together now: "That I'll cover in white primer."

We had planned for a larger bookcase in this spot (like straight up and down with the same footprint), but we decided to go for steps to make it seem less crowded. Small spaces make a big difference in a tiny house.


James M. said...

Holy crap! WE got a tomato with a boner, too! What the hell is that. Probably the same variety...Neves Azores?

April said...

It was either Reif Red Heart, Amish Paste, or... hmm something else.

Kelley said...

The cedar is so pretty! Why not just leave it, or at least the trim.. ?

April said...

Keith kind of wanted me to, too. But I don't like the cedar being inside with the barn wood. Maybe if the cedar was old and silver...? But it's like a silver/gold thing to me.

April said...

I said we can paint the trim and if we don't like it better, he can make a new set of trim we won't paint

Anonymous said...

love everything about everything going on over there. even the white primer. xoxox.