Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall colors everywhere

Going out to the restaurant yesterday afternoon;
Jilinda's is hidden behind the trees on the left.

Last night it frosted hard again. And after a19-hour day Keith didn't want to try to overcome the cold in the tiny house by building a fire so we slept in my parents' house. Toasty.

frost on the tiny house's doors! eeek.

I'm not sure how this is going to work for the winter. We need a cabin boy (or girl) to start a fire for us around 7 or 8 so it's nice and warm when we get home and are ready for bed. Volunteers?

The Siberian Stone Pines we bought from NativesWest a few weeks ago are right at home in this kind of weather. If they do make it (and if someone ever re-pots them or plants them) we'll have pine nuts someday. How cool is that?!

Friday I took Mia Pia to the Heart of the Monster for a playdate. She wasn't all that excited to see another dog like I thought she would be. She basically alternated ignoring the dog and growling at her. Not exactly a success. But she did get to run around a new place and fetch some sticks. Oh well, Lazlo's happy to have another playmate and now we have a standing date every Friday for doggie play time.

(in the dog chair afterwards)

The restaurant is still crazy busy. Last night was our best night so far, sales-wise. We're struggling a little bit to educate the customers on the difference in waiting for things frozen and dropped in the fryer vs. things freshly prepared. But having the waitstaff address that with the customers will help alleviate any frustration, we hope.

Keith made a killer cheesecake with huckleberry sauce last night to go with the steak and shrimp specials and I was happy to snag a piece at the end of the night. Makes it easier to get through the night knowing that's at the end.

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