Saturday, November 21, 2009

I ♥ my pit bulls!

If you're not a dog person you might want to skip this one altogether.

Mrs. Mia Wallace got some Chuckit time today while the sun was out (brief as that was). She goes crazy for a tennis ball. And such a good fetcher! Must have had some good training at ARNO after she was rescued.

I wondered why Lazlo wasn't trying to horn in on the Chuckit action (like he usually does--he can smell a tennis ball from 3 miles away) and then my dad tells me Lazlo's out in the field with a bone.

So I walk out to the field and find Lazlo...
not dead (like it looks), but trying to gnaw a delicious tendon off of a hip bone. Mmmm, just like mom used to make.

It's hunting season and so the dogs are in heaven with all the spare bones to be gleaned from the neighbors. I think this is their favorite time of year. You can tell Lazlo is definitely an autumn.

Yesterday Lazlo and I met our friends in the very same field for some Chuckit action and I ran that fat bastard as much as I could without giving him a heart attack. He pretends he doesn't know what DROP means until I get my stern voice on. He's much rather rip the ball into 30 little pieces.

Finally, just a quick bit of unrelated business. Let's take a minute and talk about packaging fail. I went on a little online shopping spree last week (or whenever that was, I can't keep track of what day it is) for clothes at both American Apparel and Old Navy. My package from AA was delivered quickly, but most importantly EFFICIENTLY. About 20 different items crammed into a plastic mail bag. It was perfect. It was an exploding-snake-in-a-can-of-peanuts gag when I opened it. That's what I like. My order from Old Navy, however, not so much.

Every individual item came in its own plastic bag!!

About a dozen items total.
Really, Old Navy? Really??
You could take some pointers from your Social Responsibility spiel by cutting down on the amount of plastic you send to customers placing online orders. I mean, really.

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knitty_kat said...

I love that big smile on her face. Bogey totally destroys tennis balls too. It's a wonder I ever get any back after throwing them.
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