Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sapphire down the river

"I wonder what the poor people are doing today?"
They're floating down the river!

We took Keith's boat for the 2010 inaugural float down the river yesterday. (It's nice being a couple hundred yards from a put-in.)

The water level and temp is perfect for floating and as soon as I find my MIA swimsuit, I'll be swimming in it. Float-after-work season is on!

I don't remember how, but we decided to name the boat Sapphire. It's blue, in places, and that's kind of a funny stripper/drag queen name. You can't take your boat name too seriously. The only other name under serious consideration was Floaty McBoaterson.

We planned on getting out at the Kamiah bridge, but it (time) went by too fast and we decided to keep going. I called my mom just before we got out of cell range and she came run shuttle for us. Thanks for patient moms!

Mid-July is a little late to be getting a Chaco tan, but you gotta start some time.

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Chris said...

We threw our canoe on the water for the first time this year today as well. I loved it!