Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Around the tiny house lately we’ve been starting more projects than we’re finishing, which is, really, just the way we operate. (Are you new here?)

Projects in mid-stream:

1. Covered porch – still working (thinking? planning?) on getting the slats across the front and maybe the side. Until then, it still works as a hammock haven.

2. Insulation – we have maybe 1/3 of the roof insulated and some of the ceiling boards in place (to hold the insulation in the rafter bays) and it has dropped the temp in the house considerably in the late afternoon. (The roof on the porch helps, too.) We made it most of a day doing this (I’m an excellent brad nailer.) and then Keith got started prepping my parents’ house to paint…and that was the end of that.

Also we put up shelves over the doors for my camera gear. Barn wood will back the shelves. Some day.

3. Kitchen – we have shelves under the kitchen window holding our dry goods even though we can’t cook in the tiny house. Mostly for decoration/illustration, I guess. We found some yellow pipe (instead of galvanized) to support the yellow counter with our sink, so hopefully that will see some action sometime soon.

We sat in our theater seats on the front porch yesterday and talked about how we needed to make a list along the lines of Must Accomplish Before The Cold. Presumably a toilet falls somewhere on the list...


wolf21m said...

I wanted to tell you that I saw a segment on the national news (NBC I think) about tiny houses. It was very well done and highlighted many of the advantages (expense, utilities, just owning less stuff, usually can use someone else's property, building it yourself, etc). Most of the houses they highlighted were movable (on wheels).

knitty_kat said...

The sight of the hammock made me swoon! Lovely pictures as always. I need to make me one of those lists too!

How are the puppies?