Thursday, August 12, 2010

porch makeover

I had to step into the soon-to-be-shower to get this last shot.

Keith and I were pretty productive this morning - we got all the slats up on the porch. We had originally planned going all the way to the top with them, but decided we wanted the option of more air/sun on top in the winter.

We might frame an awning that would be just screened (like a horizontal screen door) that would have legs so we could prop it open if we want.

But, for now, this will work just fine.

The butcher block you can see in the top photo is from my great-grandparents' cattle ranch. We're going to set up a little outdoor cooking area so we can have dinner at our own house once in a while.

I thought we might get started on installing the kitchen counter, but we ran out of time. Another day.

Friends from Oregon are visiting and we're floating the river this afternoon, then doing an engagement session for them, then dinner. We went to some other friends' (classmates of mine) and had dinner and talked and it was nice to be acting like adults with friends, something we're not all that practiced at doing.

Also: meteor shower tonight! We saw a few stunners last night, but tonight is supposed to be the peak.


wolf21m said...

Wow, it looks awesome! I have great admiration for your work on tis house!

Mike said...

I have recently started following your blog. Just wanted to say that the front porch looks great and I really like the use of the old theater chairs that fold up to reduce their footprint when not in use.

nava said...

Hey-I'm a long time lurker on here and delurking to say I think the porch ROCKS! Love that the slats go half way.
Keep it up you two ;)