Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indian Time

I'm still climbing the learning curve of how to use my DSLR, but I managed to get a couple good photos at the pow-wow last weekend before the sun went down.

I'm very familiar with Indian Time, and its close cousin Mexican Time, and honestly I think we (white people) could learn a thing or two about not fixating on schedules. However, I'm setting the scene for Friday night.

The pow-wow was scheduled to start at 7p (Indian Time---even the FB page acknowledges it). So when some people down the bleachers asked what time it would start, I knew there wasn't a concrete answer.

I said, "What time is it now?"
They said, "7:20"
I looked around, saw no indication anything was happening with any speed or sense of urgency and estimated, "Maybe about 8?"
I heard later it didn't get started until about 10p.

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knitty_kat said...

I once read an interview of a drummer. Apparently "rock stars" have their very own time zone as well. Great pics!

kurlykat (flickr)