Tuesday, February 8, 2011

interview on Love and Trash

My webpal Christina interviewed me about our tiny house for her site, Love and Trash ("a DIY blog for people who do things differently"). Here's part one. Here's part two.
I told her to use any pics she wanted from my flickr account and I have to say she did an excellent job using ones I hadn't necessarily thought of.
It's really helpful to me to organize my thoughts re: our house and present them to someone else because it reminds me why we do what we do and how this is a process and how we've made so much progress already. That's not to say Keith and I aren't both about fed up with cabin fever and this stinkin' winter. We're ready for spring and all that comes with it---house projects, garden, camping, travel.
We're celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year and if we can't do our #1 choice (floating a river with our friends from Missoula), #2 would be a hike into somewhere (but probably not 15 miles) for a week or so, just us. Or us and the dogs if it's feasible. So if you know of any places we should check out that are within 3-4 hours of driving distance to central Idaho, give a shout.

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