Monday, February 28, 2011


 The mail lady ruined the aesthetics with her fat sharpie number written on the front, but once the weather warms up I think I will paint the front...  Also, Keith's going to wrap the post in cedar like our porch posts.

A good friend sent a tea care package to help us cope with our recent stresses and it's becoming a nice ritual for me and also for Keith. It's something we can make in our house (well, outside the house on the propane camp stove) and sometimes we drink it at night in bed, watching movies. Yesterday I sat in bed listening to NPR, doing the Sunday crossword, and drinking tea---am I 80?!

French press mugs are great for tea making! Pour in the boiling water and then press the tea bag under the strainer and voila. When it's ready I pour some into a mug for drinking and the rest stays hot in my insulated french press mug. I've never really been a tea drinker, but it's growing on me and the variety of tea is really interesting, too---everything from "detox" to "passion" and they're all delicious! Don't be a tea snob, try it!


Amanda said...

cute little mailbox house! I love it!

haha! you sound 80! I won't knock it though...I love tea.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOVE the mailbox!