Tuesday, July 5, 2011

scenes from a 10-day roadtrip

(More photos from our 10-year anniversary camping trip to southern Idaho and back in June. Blogger is converting numbers, apostrophes, and the letter "eff" to weird characters, so play along.)

just outside of Pine

 a sheep wagon outside of Pine (right before we ran into, almost literally, a sheep drive)

Church of the Wildwood in Featherville, where Keith and I were married ten years ago
and where my parents were married thirty-five years ago

elk farm outside of Riggins

Packer John's cabin - John Welch, known as Packer John, ran supplies between 
Lewiston and Idaho City during the Boise Basin Gold Rush

near Lowman, you can see the effects of the Lowman Fire

in the distance is the Simco Road Regional Landfill near Mountain home

a dwelling near New Meadows, down the road from Packer John's cabin

aforementioned sheep drive outside of Pine


Tweekala74 said...

Oh poor Lazlo, I felt your worry, and was very happy to read that he's perked up - gotta love our furry sons!!

Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing. i clicked into your blog from mine, and have been sitting here, overwhelmed by the beauty of what you capture here. really makes me want to get out there and visit the big sky country sometime soon. our sky out east is lovely, but very miniature compared to yours.

April said...

Thanks for your visit and comments! I am really enjoying your blog and photos of Stevie Wonder since she looks like what would be the product of our two pitties (though they're both fixed, it's fun to dream). Yay for rescued dogs!!