Sunday, July 24, 2011

This much closer to a toilet

This weekend we made real (aka "actual") progress on the Tiny House Adjacent Urine-Diverting Composting Toilet and Seasonal Shower Room!

The photo above is where the Tiny House Adjacent Urine-Diverting Composting Toilet and Seasonal Shower Room (THAUDCTSSR) will be built, on the northwest corner of the house near the cherry tree. Of course we originally allotted space in the floorplan INDOORS for a toilet/shower combo. But we've changed our minds, deciding we'd rather have that space continue as part of the kitchen with more storage and perhaps a propane cook stove down the line, and a seating area where we can eat meals. (As an alternative to eating in bed!) So the toilet must necessarily move.

It only seemed logical then to add a room on that would contain the shower and toilet. Now, not sharing the same heating source as the Main House haha, it will only be a seasonal shower at this point. An enclosed sun shower, basically.

But it's the toilet we're most concerned about right now. Last week when we went to Montana for the bluegrass festival we picked the brain of our friend Mike who is in the solar business re: what it would take to have a solar powered fan in the vent for the THAUDCTSSR. And short of having most of the materials we'll need, we confident on proceeding with the framing. Because it's almost already August!!!

I did offer to dig the holes, but Keith just laughed at me. Instead I helped mix and wheelbarrow concrete.

Keith praises the scientific innovation of the post hole digger. "Digging a round hole with straight up and down walls." A marvel!

Keith built some forms to hold the concrete to hold brackets that will support the posts for the framing.

And I wrote all of our names in the concrete for posterity.

Now we let that concrete cure and probably wait until payday before any serious framing of the THAUDCTSSR gets underway. There are some technical challenges to that part of it, so I hope we figure it out the first time. What are the odds?

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SheriffShooter said...

I wanna come back in the future and find this place and your engravings and the moments you chose to leave behind and those you chose to take with and the ones you chose to share with us.