Monday, August 1, 2011

It's that late July/early August slump where it becomes unbearably hot in the tiny house from about 3-11 p.m.

Our thermal efficiency obviously leaves something to be desired. I have these blinds saved on my pinterest board for the tiny house (where I keep track of things for it). BUT--I can't justify that kind of purchase when we're about 2% into the THAUDCTSSR. Our mantra this summer is: toilet first!
I've been taking summer so seriously that I am feeling slug-like. Today I started C25K over again and logged 2.5 miles. My body feels like running is a whole new activity for it (slog, slog), but I am looking forward to the point where it comes more easily.

My awesome co-worker made this grilled cheese cake for me in honor of my third work anniversary. We take just about any semi-noteworthy occasion as an excuse for dessert and as a team we sit down for a take-out lunch the last week of the month. Being a vegetarian, I find it hard to order appealing non-meat meals from the local restaurants and usually default to a grilled cheese. And it's always disappointing. But this time I got to pick the restaurant and we had Chinese, but my co-worker decided I should have a grilled cheese, too. It was sweet, not savory, and she definitely nailed the color of processed cheese with that frosting.

 Another co-worker quit without notice last Tuesday morning so I have two jobs until we get a new one hired. Keith's been helping someone frame a house in the next town over, so not much progress has been made in any toilet-related way. The garden, however, needs little attention. It just does its own thing.


goosefairy said...

Jeez sweetie, what size blinds and how many? I'd be willing to buy some for you. I know how miserable the heat can be.

I'm just so impressed with the two of you doing this and would love to help out in some way.

April said...

Aw that's so kind of you. But we'll be getting them soon enough. Thanks for the offer. We'll suffer! haha