Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NPR's Picture Show blog

Crowing about this everywhere else, might as well here. Fleeting attention is what the internet is all about!
A Polaroid I took of a HS classmate of mine at the pow-wow this weekend was chosen for NPR's Picutre Show blog today! I was disappointed it didn't turn out darker, but I just have to go with what this film does best, which is unpredictability. Don't expect, don't be disappointed.

Here's the rest that were anything worth scanning. (Two others turned out too light to even bother with.)

girls' shawl and jingle dance
teen girls' fancy shawl and jingle dance contest

intertribal dance
intertribal dance

Darrell Wheeler, emcee

Darrell Wheeler, emcee at Chief Lookingglass Pow-wow


Chris said...

Love these. A lot!

April said...

Thanks, they're actually better at this larger size than they are in real life!

Rob said...

Congratulations! That is awesome! Have you submitted photos before, or was this your first time?

April said...

I've dropped a few in their flickr pool (which is how they select) this year, but not many. Very surprising! Thanks, all.

Laney Butler said...

I love that pic! Congrats on being featured!