Friday, June 22, 2012

Let the summer begin

Before Keith left for the summer (trying not to mope too much, at least in public), he built a plywood box with a window as a door for a stove stand. It holds dry goods on the top shelf and washing basins on the bottom - perfect! I usually don't eat all that well when he's gone (cooking for one and all), but I used the griddle last night for Nature Burgers and diced zucchini - the old stand-by. I also hung up our folding wooden dish rack. Today I need to take our water bottles up to the spring for a fill-up.

The pups and I are trying to stay busy with the ChuckIt, walks, and visits to the river to cool off. Yesterday during the heat of the day we walked down there to find it crowded with people and also a neighbor dog. Both my dogs did outstanding, Mia never even barked ONCE, and I let them cool off in the river for a few minutes before coming home. We'll have to time our trips down there better until the water recedes and there's more beach to share.
We'd planned on at least getting the composting toilet operational before Keith left for the summer, but it just didn't happen. Mostly budget restraints, but also time. I hung a glass crystal that my mom gave me outside the window and at just the right time of day it's like a disco in the bathroom.

Still not sure if I am going to grow any vegetables this summer. A friend we met in our farming class a couple years ago has a line on some good heirloom tomato plants and I might scout the town to see what else I can find.

Sitting on our porch writing this post, the hummingbirds are visiting the feeder I hung up frequently. The other day I had the doors open and one flew in the house. I didn't realize it at first because I was outside. When I came in I heard it beating itself against the window. I tried calmly capturing it in my hands, but it was too frightened, so I just cupped my palms and tried to shoo it in the direction of the open door and out it went.

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