Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Slipping into summer

It's already the beginning of summer. This time last year we were getting ready to spend the summer apart. This summer we have too many projects...already! I I did break out my sewing machine and make 3 sets of curtains from some rad sailcloth I bought from Mexico via etsy. Pics will be posted once the curtain rods are up. And even though we didn't plant a garden, I have a small herd of potted plants on the porch.

It's been at least 2 months since I've downloaded any photos from my DSLR (smartphones are wonderfully and horrifically convenient) but I'm including a few below --- in color. I shot some film when we went to visit my sister and her boyfriend (and celebrate our 12th anniversary) earlier this month, but not a whole roll. They took us to a great park and showed us one place where they rock climb. We went to Elkfest (drinking + music) where I had a delicious plate of jerk tofu from a food truck. We had awesome wood fired pizza and I've been trying to to recreate The Gordy ever since: dates,  gorgonzola, balsamic. It was amazing. Plus we had a lot of fun visiting and spending time with them. Definitely scheduling another trip up north soon.

We're spending plenty of time in the hammock in the evening and on weekends. In between rain storms. I'm hoping to pull back at work and return to part-time and start logging even more hammock time. Life is too short - I don't need to work full-time and the money is definitely not a motivator (a pittance, really, even at full-time). I miss having extra time to myself.

Longform + Kindle Fire HD = no book reading for quite a while now. This isn't necessarily bad, just different. I enjoy the wide variety of topics from quite a spectrum of magazines...from Playboy to Vice to The Atlantic to Wired.  Readability favorites of late:

The Pedal-to-the-Metal, Totally Illegal, Cross-Country Sprint for Glory About drivers trying to beat the cross-country driving record

Some of My Best Friends Are Germs Micahel Pollen writes about humans being vehicles for bacteria. Super. Fascinating.

Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind? Brings up questions about consciousness and everything we don't know about ourselves, anatomy-wise and more.

Dragon noodles (equal parts Sriracha, brown sugar, & soy sauce on noodles with egg)

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Tweekala74 said...

The readjustment to your work / life-in-hammock balance sounds delicious :-)