Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beat Dat Heat

Summer montage
The window on the south end of the house broke - for the second time. Well, this window for the first time. Considering converting this to a wall since windows don't seem to last here. Need more kitchen shelving/storage anyway. We have a piece of rigid insulation in there to help keep the temp down. Standing outside one day, the sun was out, we heard POP. Was that the window just breaking? DAMN! It.
A couple of Sundays ago I sat down and made curtains for our tiny house with sailcloth from Mexico. More color, but less light/heat. Win.

Had a 2-day yard sale with my parents and all together pulled in over $600. Downsized A LOT, including a dark room set I bought for $10 and never used (sold for $6), tons of camping stuff, a bunch of wooden sash windows Keith got for free. Getting rid of stuff feels gooooooood!


Chris said...

I'm with you on getting rid of stuff. Even stuff that at the time I worry about needing it again, once it's gone I'm usually pretty happy about it.

Amanda said...

lame about the window! at least the cause wasn't a stray horseshoe :)