Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer here

Going for short morning jogs, taking in the beauty of the world, listening to the neighborhood

Coming home to collapse in the hammock in the shade

Sitting in the yard with Lazlo, torn ACL means limited activity from here on out (8 weeks at least - hoping the other doesn't go)

Making plans to go camping and then, for various reasons, cancelling plans

Making hay while the sun shines, Keith has been busy lately with outside projects. which is good for the bank but we haven't done any house projects in over a year, 'bout time to see some hammering'

Grilling sweet corn, wishing we had garden produce, watering my container tomatillo and peppers, pick a hot Thai pepper to go in chili lime noodles

Streaming movies and tv shows on the porch - The Killing, Sunny in Philadelphia, Breaking Bad (re-watching), Queen in concert

Watching the pear tree's limbs bend hard full of fruit, someone needs to prune them, like a professional

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