Friday, May 22, 2009

First aid, au natural

Using some advice gleaned from our nature walk with the Two Ravens Herbals folks, I decided to try some downhome first aid.

I got this scrape on my knee at the gym the other day. It's very superficial, but sore and inflamed.

So, per their advice, I picked a plantain leaf, rinsed it (you know, in case of dog or cat pee contamination) and chewed it up. They said saliva helps activate it. It tasted like a leaf.

Put a band-aid over it and left it on all day.

I'd say the healing process has definitely been helped. And I'm going to put more on today and see what happens. My skin heals very slowly, so I can use all the help I can get.

See these very worn jeans, with convenient easy access for first aid? My only pair of jeans. My most comfortable pair of pants. Keith says they're on their last leg. I think they're just hitting their stride. Bought them a couple years ago at the Goodwill in Portland, already broke in. How do you throw away something like these?! I'll wear them until they fall off.

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Chris said...

Kids are paying top dollar for "stressed" jeans like that these days. At least yours earned their stress!