Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden is a go.

Keith did the hard work-- tilling the garden. About 4 hours total Friday and Saturday at a slow pace, back and forth, up and down, across. He did an excellent job.

This morning we started planting.

We set out all of the starts we had in the greenhouse so we could get an idea of what we had room for, etc. Turns out we had a LOT of tomatoes. We planted 18 plants, I think. Six varieties.

Here's what we ended up with. Except I forgot to put the sugar peas on here. They're between the watermelon and then carrots/eggplant/cumin.

Click for a larger view.

We put wildflowers in the middle to attract insects. Hopefully that works. I planted one packet today, but I'm going to scatter more this week.

Our drip tape kit is supposed to be here Tuesday. And once we get that down we'll put straw everywhere there's NOT something planted, to keep the weeds under control and to help the soil retain moisture.

We're both very excited about this year's garden. A lot of variety. A different layout. And we're in charge (say my parents), so it's all on us---boom or bust. I think we'll do ok.

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Patia said...

That's a nice big garden. You'll have your hands full, with work and veggies! :-)