Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nature everywhere

We went to a "nature walk" on Saturday that consisted of sitting in the shade for 2 hours and then about an hour out in the sun and it's a good thing because it was too HOT to be walking anywhere. The owners of Two Ravens Herbals (Jim & Meryl-Jim in the orange hat above) are offering a series of walks this summer to help people identify local edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants.

We learned a lot, don't know how much of it we retained (didn't take notes). I do remember: Ferns at the fiddlehead stage (before they open up) are edible...sautee in garlic and butter or olive oil. Plantains are found in nearly every lawn in a temperate climate and can be used to soothe bug bites, abrasions, minor cuts. And some other pretty random things about different area plants.

The meeting was at the Heart of the Monster, the legendary birthplace of the local natives, the Nez Perce. (It's less than 1/2 a mile from our house, which was convenient.) The field next to the Heart of the Monster is full of camas, which is in full bloom right now.

Jim & Meryl joined some native friends in a camas harvest last year and had some for the group to sample. They said if was roasted in a paper bag in a hole in the ground for several hours and then hot packed (canned). Beware of the Death Camas! Anyway, very educational. The next walk is in 2 weeks and may be somewhere up the Selway?

It's definitely summering up here. The tomatoes we planted from seed are finally hitting their stride. We may get some fruit off of them after all.

If the weather cooperates we're FINALLY planting the garden this weekend. Good thing because some of the plants are growing out of their containers!

The lilacs are in bloom and smell totally amazing.

Keith picked up the paint we ordered (low VOC, had to pay freight, $70+ for TWO GALLONS! grrr small towns) for the inside of the tiny house today, so after we plant the garden this weekend we may start painting. If it's warm enough. Most exciting. We've also figured out how to do the counters/kitchen so that will probably be next, after painting. So much to do, so little time.
Our Portland trip (mid-June) is sneaking up and we're both very ready for a break. It will be nice to get to the city and see some friends and have some time alone, without dogs even. I wanted to stay at the hostel in our old neighborhood, but it seems too expensive at $80+/night for the two of us (we're cheap, you know), so I was checking out other options.

Right now I'm leaning toward the White Eagle Hotel. A McMenamins joint (that's good and bad) and only $40/night! (only bunk rooms available-photo!) Apparently it's haunted?! We're going to play tourists and find some places we didn't know about when we lived there, in addition to visiting some old haunts (Wimpy's, Vegetarian House, Voodoo...).

Can't. Wait.

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Bustednuckles said...

The old White Eagle is a hotel now?

I used to go have a few drinks there once in a while, it has the most gorgeous antique wood bar.

I have heard that the joint is haunted too. There are tunnels underneath Portland and there is one under the White Eagle that heads to the river, it was used to Shanghai guys that got too drunk, they would wake up on a ship heading out to sea.

Have a good time!